We are Salliran startup, a team of young, energetic experts who its primary goal is to help you in every step starting from the moment you decide to travel to Iran.

About us

At Salliran, our main mission is to introduce Iran and its magnificent culture to the world. Beautiful nature, traditions, handicrafts, benefiting from medical services at a reasonable price is among the advantages of the trip to Iran.

About us

Our Mission

  • To introduce Iran to the world especially the neighboring countries.
  • To provide high quality, affordable tourism and medical tourism packages to travelers.
  • To respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients during the whole process.
  • To improve our service continually.

Our Values

Our company prizes Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, Credibility, and Respect. We try our best to offer you the top quality tourism and medical tourism packages and make sure that every traveler’s expectations are met.


Our Steps

Saliran team has partnered with the best health centers, travel agencies, law firms, hotels, and restaurants, to provide the highest quality of service to our clients during their trip to Iran.



Depending on the purpose of your trip to Iran, we offer top-notch tourism, medical tourism, and legal services.

We are Transparent

We are Completely transparent in our conduct. Our services are free and what you receive in Iran is without concealed or unpredictable expenses.

We are Supportive

Traveler’s convenience is our number 1 priority. We offer 24/7 support and guidance and multi-language personal assistant.

Customizable Services

you can have customized and personalized packages based on your needs. Clients receive their preferred pricing and we do all the planing.


An easy guide to plan your trip to Iran 

travel to Iran

know about Iran

know more about real Iran, it’s beautiful nature and it’s magnificent diverse culture. Enjoy the Iranians hospitality and kindness. Taste delicious Persian cuisine.

Medical Tourism

Health Tourism in Iran Although in recent years, medical tourism has flourished in Iran, but despite of high quality of health care and reasonable prices, due to lack of proper advertising it has not yet found its place in the market. One of the main reasons for that is having a major rivals in the [...]

Iran Civilization

Persian Civilization Ancient civilizations of the world have been spread in different areas, and according to their geographical territory, they have unique properties. Their lifestyle has been deeply affected by the traditions and beliefs of these civilizations. Since the civilization of China which still has features of a peasant community, till the civilization of Greece [...]

Traditional Iranian Meals

Traditional Iranian Meals Traditional Iranian foods include a wide range due to the diversity of vegetation and the existence of different types of meats in the Iranian plateau. Many varieties of stews and grilled foods are common in different ethnic groups of Iran. Each one has its unique color due to the type of spices [...]