Iran is Safe

Traditional Iranian foods include a wide range due to the diversity of vegetation and the existence of different types of meats in the Iranian plateau. Many varieties of stews and grilled foods are common in different ethnic groups of Iran. Each one has its unique color due to the type of spices used in the cooking process. Here are some of these popular foods.

Terrorist threats are another factor involved in disrupting the security of a nation. Even the tourism industry of many developed countries such as France, which is among the top ten countries in this matter, are threatened by terrorist attacks. However, given the intense ethical and religious conflicts going on in the Middle East, Iran is one of the countries that experienced a very less number of terrorist attacks.

The main reasons behind the fact that Iran is Safe, in comparison with other countries in the Middle East, are as follows:

Political and Social Stability

Iran is one of the few countries in the Middle East that take advantage of democracy. In Iran, free elections are held, and the people elect their representatives in parliament, the president and other government officials by direct vote. This fact will increase the level of social satisfaction, and political conflicts will not turn into chaos.

Modern security structures

Forbes magazine, in its annual report about the tourism industry, determines Iran as one of the safest countries for women and solo traveling. In terms of the airports’ security structures and systems, custom duties and roads, Iran is among the world’s advanced countries. This country takes huge advantage of its skilled security forces that defend its security at all times. The security systems in freeways as well as urban and rural areas have full control over the security of the people and prevent a social crisis.

Homogeneous social texture despite ethnic differences

Iran is one of the most diversified countries in the world in terms of ethnic and racial texture, and unique culture and customs can be seen in each corner of this region. However, these differences never created tensions and controversy and have contributed positively to empathy and social interaction.

Social and cultural awareness

In recent studies, Iran had the most scientific growth in the world, and the proportion of educated people in the whole country is very high. As a result, there is a high level of cultural and social awareness of Iranian society. In addition to having modern urban structures and services, the Iranian people have great cultural tolerance and diversity of culture and viewpoints have led to homogeneous social behavior.

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