Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace with its spectacular environment is a place to relax for hours and enjoy its beauty. The existence of a swimming pool and fountain add a special sense to the atmosphere. But the most attractive part of this palace is its walls. The walls which are tiled in different designs and colors are very charming for all visitors. All over this magnificent environment, there are buildings and palaces that once inhabited by kings and their closest bodies, and today they host visitors and travelers.


The history of Golestan Palace dates back to Shāh Abbās era. But when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, the founder of the Qajar Dynasty, gained the power more attention was paid to this collection. Agha Mohammad Khan’s coronation in Tehran has increased the importance of the Golestan Royal Palace and later on, during the Convent of the Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, it developed. At the time of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Golestan Palace has undergone major changes due to his long-standing rule and his trips to Europe.


Today Golestan Palace is located in the Arg Square, near Tehran Bazaar also The complex has several buildings and palaces. Golestan Complex, positioning near one of the busy neighborhoods of Tehran, is a peaceful and flourishing environment where the buildings and their architecture take you from the heart of today’s Tehran to the era of the Qajar kings.

Different segments of Golestan palace

Considering the history of Golestan Palace; it might be interesting for you to visit the oldest building in this complex; also Eyvane Takhte Marmar; is the oldest building in Golestan Palace; which it’s construction dates back to Karim Khan Zand’s era; Eyvane Takhte Marmar is the porch where the king visits the visitors; meeting with people and hearing their requests and problems; Plaster works, masonry; Khatam Kari; mirror work; wood carvings; and Moshabak Kari have given a special glory to this porch.

khalvat karimkhani

In the porch, there is a marble bed made with the order of Fath Ali Shah. The design of the bed was inspired by the idea of the throne of Solomon so that from every quadrant that you look at it, you can see 3 demons and 6 angels that carry it. Some poems also engraved on the bed about Fath Ali Shah’s blessing and exhortation.

In the northwest of the Golestan Palace; an indoor courtyard is located in the form of a veranda that is known as Khalvat Karimkhani; In the middle of this part of the Golestan complex; there is a small pool that in the past the water of king’s aqueduct came out of it and flowed into royal gardens; Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar; buried the remnants of Karim Khan Zand’s dead body under the stairs of the building to kick off his body every time he crossed the stairs; Reza Khan removed the bones; transferred them to Qom. In this part; the stone throne of Nasreddin Shah and Fath Ali Shah marble bed is placed .


shams ol-emareh

On the eastern side of the Golestan complex also a very famous building is glowing, which is called as Shams-ol-Emareh which Some believe that Shamsol Emareh is the oldest symbol of Tehran. The construction of this structure was the result of Naser al-Din Shah’s interest in high-rise buildings. The building was constructed with the idea that the king could watch the landscape of Tehran and his surrounding view. One of the interesting works kept in this building is Naser al-Din Shah’s bloody chair. Naser al-Din Shah was assassinated in 1896, his wounded body was placed on the chair and with a napkin on his wound. Today, this chair is stored in Shamsol Emareh and blood spots on it are evident.

Ferdows Garden ;with an area of 2000 square meters and a mansion; with one thousand square meters of space is located in the south of Tajrish square at Valiasr Street ;The mansion inside the garden owns lots of beautiful decorations and plasterworks; At the entrance of this garden bronze statues of Sheikh-e Eshragh and Ibn al-Haytham are visible.

Cinema Museum

Cinema museum began it’s activity in 1998; However; after the summer of 2009; it moved to its current location; at Ferdows Garden; The main objective of this museum; is to collect and preserve the legacies of Persian cinema; Until now it hosts the richest; and most valuable treasures of photographs; historical documents; correspondence and contracts; and cinema publications.

Grand Bazaar, Tehran

Grand Bazaar of Tehran is known as the heart of the economy in Iran; Tehran bazaar is a crowded shopping center; which dates back to many years ago; According to the reports; the original building of this market dates back to Shah Tahmasp I; This market has undergone many changes during the Qajar period as Tehran becomes the capital of Iran.

The Grand Bazaar has been decorated with winding corridors; traditional veneers; and arcs; Considering the market has undergone various changes in the process of construction; the architecture of the building is not related to a certain period of time; and a variety of architectural arts can be seen in the historical parts of the building.

About Bazaar

When you visit the old parts of the Tehran Grand Bazaar; you will probably think that the building; bricks; cellars; materials on the walls and ceiling of the market; has remained steady for many years and thousands of people have crossed them every day; Tehran Grand Bazaar as a historical monument differs from; other monuments and structures; The palace-museums and other samples despite their relatively long life; span have seen a few people and only a handful of residents; But the Grand Bazaar was always beside the people; Many of the shop keepers from Safavid dynasty until now have been active in this market; In the social movements; such as the Persian Constitutional Revolution; Grand Bazaar of Tehran was alongside people; These brick walls; which some of them are worn today; have seen the pleasures and sorrows of the people; This permanent traffic in the market has made this monument a great attraction.

grand bazaar

Different segments of this Bazaar are as follows:

Masjed Jame: The building has been there for more than two centuries; and has been registered in the year 1984.

grand bazaar

Chahar suq-e-Bozorg: this is; in fact; the intersection of two main orders; This section is located near Masjed Jame; The plasterworks of Chaharsuq-e-Bozorg are very attractive and unique.

Chahar suq-e-Bozorg

Hajeb Ol-Dowleh Market: This segment is one of the most beautiful parts of the market; A variety of colors in this division will entice any visitor.

hajeb-ol dowleh

Changes about Grand Bazaar

Some of the segments of this market like Bazaar-e Amir; Portal of Chaharsuq-e-Bozorg and some parts of Masjed Jame still retain their old form; Meanwhile; Charsoogh-e Bozorg with its octagonal architecture is one of the oldest segments of this market; The interior of this octagon is designed with plasterwork and has a circular dome.

Best Restaurants in Tehran

Given the diversity of Tehran restaurants and their differences in price, service and cooking styles, finding the best option is a bit difficult, but we try to introduce the best and most successful restaurants in this city.

Since about 100 years ago, many restaurants have been established and developed in different parts of Tehran. This includes iranian and european restaurants, each with their own customers. With the burgeon of these restaurants, their diversity has been increasing too.

Tehran restaurants can be divided into several categories

Iranian restaurants are serving Persian cuisine, whether they have traditional decoration or not

Restaurants serving international dishes

International dishes

Fast food restaurants and food courts

fast Food

Restaurants that are a combination of these three

all restaurants

Moslem Restaurants

This restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Tehran for all Iranians who have passed by Tehran Bazaar. Moslem Restaurant is located in the Grand Bazaar in Panzdah-e-Khordad St. You can get there using the subway and getting off at Panzdah-e-Khordad station then just walk about 5 to 10 minutes to there. the long queue in front of Moslem at lunchtime is the proof of popularity and the quality of the food which is served in there. According to the orders given by the customers, it can be seen that the most popular dish of Moslem is Tah-chin. The dishes in Moslem are that full that two people can easily get stuffed with one of them. Because of the huge crowd coming to have their lunch there, the service of the restaurant has some problems but the quality of the food is worth to ignoring them.

Tehran Been

Tehran Been restaurant is an international restaurant located in the penthouse of Erfan Tower in Sa’adatabad , which has a beautiful and unique atmosphere. It is a great place to host your guests because the interior design of TehranBeen restaurant and cafe attracts the attention of each customer. Each section of this restaurant with special and beautiful
pieces of furniture, unique and charming Chandeliers with gorgeous interior design, reflects the value and respect that is given to dear guests so that everyone could choose a table based on their own taste. But the beauty of this restaurant does not end here. The good news for those who pay attention to the landscape of a restaurant or café is that the north, south, west, and east of Tehran are visible from the inside of this restaurant and it can definitely be said that you will enjoy this landscape. The specialty of TehranBeen Restaurant is to hold luxury celebrations, parties, and conferences. For reservations, you can visit the restaurant’s online website.

The Wooden Road Food Court

You can see one of the most iconic interior designs in this restaurant. A food court in a semi-open space with lovely decoration but a busy environment that can be noticed from a note under each table mentioning “the maximum time for using a table is one hour”. But beautiful nature, fresh air of the locality, diversity of the food, and proximity to Ab-o-Atash Park won’t allow you to ignore this restaurant.

The website of this food court mentioned that “In 2013, Rahechoobi Company has designed and established the wooden road restaurants in Tehran. As a result of this effort, the brands and food industry leaders gathered in one place to provide a memorable moment for you and your respectable family”.

Address: Tehran, Haghani Hwy, Near Vanak square, Didar Jonoobi st, The Wooden Road Food Court

Naderi Café

Book readers and those who are interested in the history of contemporary Iranian literature and art have certainly heard the name of this cafe. This restaurant which is located in the heart of the capital was a place for holding the gatherings of famous poets, authors, and intellectuals such as Sadegh Hedayat, Jalal Al-e-Ahmad, Ahmad Fardid, and Simin Daneshvar.
This cafe, stablished in the year 1928 by an Armenian named Khachik Madicans, was a heavenly gateway to new foods such as Beef Stroganoff and Bieffek. Also, Café Glace, Chateaubriand, different types of ice creams, French Coffee and Turkish coffee served there.
In the night time,mostly the dancing ceremony was held in the backyard of the cafe, and the smoke of fags filled the space; the cafe and hotel Naderi was named as one of the oldest cafes in Tehran. The Naderi Café is located in the eastern side of the Hafez Bridge in Naderi Street (Jomhouri Street) and has a hotel on it.

The cafe and hotel Naderi are one of the oldest cafes in Tehran. The Naderi Café is located in the eastern side of the Hafez Bridge in Naderi Street (Jomhouri Street) and has a hotel on it.

Daloon Deraaz Restaurant

It has been proved that Music has a significant impact on digestibility of food and Daloon Deraz restaurant provides live music with a full catering collection for dinner which includes main food, salads, dessert, tea, sweets, and fruits.
It is written on the website of this restaurant that “This restaurant with its pleasant atmosphere and beautiful architecture has become a place for young people and families of Iranians. The Daloon Deraz restaurant is a combination of the traditional architecture illustrated from the baths of Kashan, and is a work of the master of traditional architecture, professor Shirbaf (Isfahan) and was renovated from 1996 to 1997.

Senso Italian Restaurant

Talking about the restaurants without mentioning an Italian restaurant is impossible. If you pass by East Ferdows Boulevard in the night time, you probably see a long queue of Senso customers. These queues are there throughout the week and they show the loyalty of staff to the constant customers of Senso who are accustomed to the high-quality foods and appropriate service of it.
The expertise of an Italian chef and stylish design of Senso made it as one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Tehran.
Pizza and pasta as the main foods Senso are the most popular dishes among its customers.

Perperook fast food

It is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Tehran and has numerous branches throughout the capital. You can enjoy the diversity and quality of fast foods which are served in this restaurant. Quick and appropriate service of Perperook fast food restaurant will not keep you waiting for your food.

Iran is a Cheap Destination for Traveling

Traditional Iranian foods include a wide range due to the diversity of vegetation and the existence of different types of meats in the Iranian plateau. Many varieties of stews and grilled foods are common in different ethnic groups of Iran. Each one has its unique color due to the type of spices used in the cooking process. Here are some of these popular foods.

However the currency exchange value in Iran experiences a lot of fluctuations but the price of goods and services is somehow stable. The price tag of a bottle of water (1.5 liters) for example is around 2500 Tomans in Iran so you can purchase it with only $0.2. In the following column you can find the approximate cost of your expenses in Iran which clearly shows the cheapness of goods and services.

ProductPrice in DollarsProductPrice in Dollars
Bread0.3A bottle of water (1.5 liters) 0.2
Cold Food 0.9 Chips and Snacks0.4
Iranian cheese (300 grams) 0.3 Carbonated Drink (330 mL) 0.3
A packet of cigarette2.3 Milk (1 liter) 0.8
A set of clothes (approximately) 23 Toiletries (approximately) 0.9

Product Price in Dollars Product Price in Dollars
A cold drink at cafe 1.2 - 2 Breakfast at cafe 0.8 - 2.8
Snacks at cafe 1.2-3.8 A hot drink at cafe 1.2-2
A traditional meal in a luxury restaurant 2.7-9.2 A traditional meal in an average restaurant 1.2-2
Fast food in a luxury restaurant 3-4.6 A vegetarian meal 1.7-4
Fast food in an average restaurant 1.2-2.3

Product Price in Dollars ProductPrice in Dollars
Cost of voice call (per 10 minutes) 0.07 cost of the internet (per gigabyte) 0.5
Purchase of sim card 2.3

Product Price in Dollars Product Price in Dollars
Urban taxi (Each kilometer) 11.7Traveling by VIP bus (Tehran-Shiraz) 3.1
Metro 0.4 Traveling by airplane (Tehran-Shiraz) 34.6
Cheap hotel (each night for a double bedroom) 0.1Visiting a museum 1.3-5
Resort rooms (Isfahan) 40-50 Urban bus 0.06
Traveling by train (Tehran- Shiraz) 9.2luxury hotel (each night for a double bedroom) 170-230