Iran is an attractive destination for every kind of tourists due to its unique diversity of weather and human traits. There are a variety of tourist destinations in Iran. The holy cities such as Mashhad, Shiraz, and Qom, the attractions of the Caspian Sea in the northern part of Iran, the Persian Gulf in the south, and the desert of middle regions are among of these attractions. Here are some of the most important places to visit in Iran.


Tehran, as the capital of the country and the most famous city in Iran, is the first city which is an attractive destination for foreign tourists, the surrounding townships of Tehran have also made the city more interesting. The most important tourist attractions of Tehran include Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, Tehran Zoo, Golestan Palace, Sa’adabad Palace, Grand Market, Shrine of Imam Zadeh Saleh, etc. Tehran with its population which is about 11 million people own 40 percent of the country’s economy.


When we talk about tourist destinations in Iran, we cannot deny the role of Mashhad as a holy city. Mashhad holds the title of the most tourist attractive and luxurious city in Iran. The reason is apparent: the shrine of Imam Reza.

According to the reports and statistics, more than 30 million Iranians and 5 million foreign tourists, most of whom are Arab citizens, travel to Mashhad each year. Through the statistics, in the Nowruz holidays of each year reaches its peak and crosses the 12 million mark.

Apart from the existence of the Imam Reza Shrine which has become Iranian pilgrimage pole, Mashhad has other attractions for travelers. For example, if you want to go to the most equipped water parks, you can find it in this city, or if you desire to experience nightlife in one of the cities in Iran, it will be possible to have it around the shrine.

The presence of other attractions such as museums, urban and suburban parks, and the magnificent tombs of Ferdowsi and Nadir Shah Afshar, as well as observing the culture and lifestyle of people in Mashhad, can also be the motivation to travel to Mashhad.


Yazd is a distinct city which, despite the unbearable heat, has many hospitable residents that will double the pleasure of your travel. Yazd province is located 270 km south-east of Isfahan, and those who are interested in the Iranian introspective architecture can enjoy the beautiful and historical monuments of the city for hours. The most interesting sites in Yazd are Yazd Mosque, Dolatabad Garden, Lari’s House, Eskandar Prison.

Mazandaran and Gilan

For many Iranians, traveling means going to the north. Gilan province is one of the most visited places in Iran due to the nature of its greenery, the existence of forest areas, and the pleasant climate of Caspian Sea which most of its cities have enjoyed from it. The northern part of Iran which includes two provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran is so popular among Iranians that most of them travel to that region at the time of their holidays.

Gilan and Mazandaran in addition to the presence of sea and forest, are the capital of Iranian food and this is another motivation of travel.  Nowruz holidays are considered to be the times that these two provinces are full of travelers and after that, it comes the summer season. Also, weekend holidays are good motivation for traveling to these regions. If you want to know more about the popularity of northern Iran, it is good to mention that from the beginning of Farvardin (March) 2017 to 13th of this month, 1 million and 255 thousand people have traveled to Gilan, a strange but real statistic.

The most tourist attractive cities in Guilan province are Rasht, Masouleh, Fouman, Lahijan, and Langrood. Also Sari, Chalus, Kelardasht, Babolsar, Noor, Mahmoudabad, and Ramsar are the most famous cities in Mazandaran.


Esfahan is a perfect city. You can listen to songs singing under Khaju Bridge, walk on Si-o-se-pol, and watch the beauty of Zayanderud. Isfahan is the city of lovely streets and neighborhoods and pleasant sidewalks. You can pass by Chahar Bagh e Abbasi Street if you want to have a nice walk in history for hours. You can eat great meals in restaurants in the city or please yourself with a drink in its beautiful coffee shops. Spending some time in its traditional bazaar or laying down on Naqshe Jahan greenery and watching the Carriages passing by would be a pleasant experience.

Due to the existence of more than six thousand historical monuments dating back to hundreds and thousands of years, Esfahan is called as “Nesfe Jahan” which means half of the world. Watching Zayanderud and magnificent bridges of Isfahan brings many tourists from different parts of the world to this city. For example, from the beginning of Farvardin (March) 2017 to the early Ordibehesht (April) 2017, 850000 foreign tourists entered Isfahan, which was unprecedented in the last four decades.


Shiraz is the city of gardens, and especially in the spring (the season of blossoming orange trees), its cheerful weather brings lots of travelers to this city. In Shiraz, all the elements are united together to make a delightful travel experience for you. You get fascinated by walking through its gardens like Eram, Qavam, Afif Abad and Jahan. Watching the Persepolis and the magnificence of its pillars is a pleasure that words cannot describe it. The tomb of Hafez and Saadi are attractive not only for Iranians but for all the tourists of other countries. The proof of this claim is the travel of nearly one million foreign tourists since the beginning of the year to Shiraz.

Qeshm Island

In recent years, Qeshm has become one of the tourist cities in Iran, and there is almost no one who does not have a memorial picture with the attractions of this city. Qeshm is the island of wonders and joyful experiences. For example, one can walk among its amazing passages like Chahkooh Canyon or the valley of statues and enjoy all its shapes, corridors, and caverns or walk to the phenomenal forest of Hara, see the construction of giant launches, watch some beautiful creatures for even once in his life, or tasted the best seafood. One of the most popular entertainments of Qeshm is swimming in the sea or camping beside it. The best time for it is from the beginning of Aban (November) to the middle of Farvardin (March).


Tabriz in East Azerbaijan province is the city of firsts, and because of its number of attractions, it is always one of the most famous cities in Iran, especially if the weather is warm and moderate. The city carries the titles of the cleanest city in Iran, the safest city in Iran, the city without beggars and the city of underpasses and overpasses. Tabriz is also the capital of a Persian food called Kabab, and this is one of the motivations of travel for the Iranians who love Kabab. The largest indoor market in the world is located in Tabriz and who does not want to travel to such a great city?