International services of Salliran legal team can be discussed in the following categories:

The real people with Iranians passport abroad and Iranian immigration affair

International affairs for juridical persons

According to official statistics, there are 15 to 16 million Iranians living abroad, accounting for 17 percent of the country’s population. Material and spiritual attachment of our beloved compatriots might be a reason behind a need of receiving legal services and tracking the issues in judicial and administrative agencies for various circumstances including :

Migration Affairs


Temporary residence



Marriage, Divorce, Custody


Property Management

The pursuit of a ban on leaving the country and its removal

The pursuit of legal matters regarding the seized properties

With more than a decade of experience, Salliran legal team is honored to give free legal consultancy from Saturday to Wednesday (4 to 6 pm local time) and to act as a lawyer for following up the legal affairs in the courts on mentioned issues and provide legal services for Iranians in foreign countries.

The importance of the contract laws and international trade is improving day by day with regards to the importance of the economy and international business relations in improving livelihoods and the quality of collective life and establishing commercial and economic relations with other countries.

Salliran legal team with the help of lawyers and retired judges, can solve legal problems in the following cases.

Legal coverage of foreign companies activities in Iran

Request for setting up a foreign company's Representative Office for an Iranian company

Conducting negotiations on behalf of international companies in Iran

Granting the agency of foreign companies products to aspiring real or juridical persons

Dealing with legal affairs related to intellectual property rights and the brand of foreign companies in Iran

Following up with claims and debts of foreign companies in Iran