Health Tourism in Iran

Although in recent years, medical tourism has flourished in Iran, but despite of high quality of health care and reasonable prices, due to lack of proper advertising it has not yet found its place in the market. One of the main reasons for that is having a major rivals in the region that needs to be dealt with, such as Jordan and Dubai.

Why Iran is the best option for Medical Tourism?

As it mentioned before, Iran is one of the best choices for health tourism in terms of quality of medical services and expenses. The most tourist attractive fields are: infertility, dentistry, cardiac surgery, eye surgery and plastic surgery, cancer and natural tourism in healing waters. 

Iran is one of the top 10 countries in terms of natural tourism attractions, but it has not taken any significant achievement in market share. Meanwhile tourism is ranked as third world’s most profitable industry and many countries, such as Turkey and Spain, earn a great amount of income and secure their livelihood with the tourism industry.  

Medical tourism is not only about attracting foreign tourists and gaining income, but more than that, it will help in scientific growth of a country. As it mentioned before, Iran is one of the best choices for health tourism in terms of quality of medical services and expenses, and the most tourist attractive fields are infertility, dentistry, cardiac surgery, eye surgery and plastic surgery, cancer and natural tourism in healing waters. As it mentioned before, the potential of Iran in tourist attraction is much higher than neighboring countries but there is a great need in advertising and accurate policy making.

There are four major items that have to be considered wisely in the matter of medical tourism

The Ability of Physicians

Modern Technologies


Domestic Regulations

In all four mentioned items, Iran has better capabilities compered to neighboring countries and the Middle East so it needs to make the best use of them. Unfortunately, advertising has played very weak in the matter of identifying Iranian medical and tourism abilities abroad, and it’s noteworthy to mention that state-run media and embassies play an important role in this regard.  

Medical Tourists who travel to Iran are more from countries like:










The historic city of Yazd for instance, apart from its historical attractions and diverse climate, is also a suitable destination for medical tourists since it has a great potential in providing medical care. The existence of hospitals and different medical centers is a reason behind this potential.

Comfort in Foreign Trip

For the ones who travel to other countries, mental comfort and security are essential. A relaxed mind in a journey doubles the joy of it. This comfort can only be achieved if the tourists are confident that there will be no complicated situation at the time of an incident in the destination country. Getting help from insurance companies can be very useful in building this confidence. Travel insurance companies are committed to insured persons that in case of any incident in the destination country, compensate for damage as much as possible and provide a comfortable journey for the traveler.

healthcare & Insurance

Health insurance also partly reduces the cost of treatment. During the treatment and after the clearance, the insurance will be with the patient to ensure that they receive the needed services and safely go back to their country.


Iran Assistance Company (SOS)

Iran Assistance Company is one of the insurance companies that provide highly desirable international services to insured persons.

The international department of Iran Assistance Company in 24 hours of the day and with the help of its call center and contracting insurance companies, is at insured parties’ service to ensure that they can use their insurance policy in the best possible way during the accident and complications of their travel.

Iran Assistance Company with many years of experience in this field and more than 34 branches in Iran, can provide the most up-to-date services to the insured persons at the time of travel difficulties in all over the country.

Iran Assistance Company is the operational representative of the most significant international aid agencies of Iran. This company not only provides the promised services to the parties but also with access to this extensive international network is capable for providing worldwide services to its members in the fields of medical transmissions, treatment supervision, drug delivery, medical advice, treatment abroad and other assistance services.

Bime asbab

Asmari Insurance Company

Asmari Insurance Company is another competent insurance company in the field of travel insurance, especially for foreign travelers. The Asmari travel insurance policy can cover all foreign nationals and residents who intend to travel to Iran and take advantage of the benefits of its policy. This insurance policy will cover the insured from the moment of entering the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this support will continue until the expiration of insurance policy or the exit of protected from the borders of Iran (each one that happens earlier than the other.

Asmari’s obligations in this insurance policy: transferring an insured to the nearest hospital, returning insured to the country of origin, taking the necessary measures to bring back the individuals under 15 years, moving a relative to Iran, and paying the costs.


Payments in this insurance policy are as follows:

Hospitalization and medical expenses up to 10,000 euros including basic visit, imaging and laboratory services, pharmaceutical costs, outpatient surgeries, physiotherapy.

Medical expenses due to hospitalization and surgery in the hospital and DAYCARE centers (more than 6 hours admitted)

Dental emergency costs of up to 200 Euros, which are limited to toothache treatment, tooth infection, and tooth extraction.

The cost of compensation for missing travel documents, such as passports, driving licenses or consular documents, up to 2000 Euros.

Up to EUR 250 for legal proceedings in legal disputes during the stay in Iran.