The most popular Iranian handicrafts

Iranian handicrafts are very popular in all over the world due to their diversity and unique quality. For that matter, some of the foreign exchange income of Iran comes from selling and exporting these handicrafts. The share of handicrafts in the export section shows that not only tourism boosts the economy of the country but also promotes Iranian culture. In this article, we will introduce the most famous Iranian noble arts. Traditional jewels, glass, pottery, ceramics, handmade carpets and kilim, ziloo, wooden and copper handicrafts are among these popular handicrafts.

1-Handmade carpet and kilim

Undoubtedly, our most well-known Iranian products are handmade carpets. In the world, every nation is recognized by a symbol, and we Iranians have our beautiful carpets as our symbol. Experts around the globe believe that Persian carpet has the best quality, and historians are sure that the antiquity of this art dates back to the Safavid period. Silk carpet of Isfahan is among the most beloved products around the world. Handmade carpets have different varieties, and each one of them has its unique design, texture, and dimensions. Various types of expensive rugs and carpets, kilims, ziloos and other types of handmade carpets are exported to foreign countries with hefty price tags. Persian carpets are designed with inspiration from myths and philosophical concepts.  Handmade carpet has many advantages: it has attractive design and colors, contains natural fibers, does not cause respiratory problems, lacks static electricity, and has a very long lifespan and durability.

Persian Handmade Carpet

2-Glass and copper utensils

These products also have a significant share of foreign exports. The art of glass forming, which is very attractive, is considered as one of the oldest arts of humankind and in Iran also dates back to million years ago. Archaeologists have found the first glass containers in the Middle East which date back to the Parthian and Sassanian period. Glassblowing industry in Iran uses the techniques of blowing in the template or free blowing.

copper Utensils

Copper workings are among the oldest handicrafts of Iran, and many of its examples can be found in Iranian museums. Copper working in the country dates back to at least five thousand years ago, and it is more likely that the first metal discovered by humankind is copper and the first coppersmiths also were Iranians. Among the major centers of this art are Kashan, Isfahan, Kerman, Zanjan, and Shiraz. And in many cities such as Isfahan, there is a market called “Bazar-e mesgarha” or coppersmiths’ bazar, which is dedicated to the artists of this field. Copper has many advantages including disinfecting the food and causing bacteria to die

coppersmiths’ bazar

3-Pottery and ceramics

Pottery usually refers to the type of the containers which are made out of clay and the most well-known pottery product is clay jar. This art has many fans around the world and has a considerable share in exports of Iranians. Pottery making dates back to thousand years ago and is considered to be the first industry of human being. The earliest forms of clay pots have been found in the city of Shush.


Ceramic and mosaic making also plays an important role in Iranian handicrafts. The art of mosaic making or “Moaragh Kari” refers to the art artist in small tiles with different designs and colors, matching them together to make big pieces of ceramics and finally using them for the exterior design of the walls. Yazd, Isfahan, and Ardebil are the most famous cities for this art.

Ceramic Plate

4-Wooden Art

“Khatam Kari” and “Moaragh Kari” are the titles of different Persian arts performed on pieces of wood. These types of products also are exporting to foreign countries and have lots of fans for their beautiful and eye-catching designs.

Among the other traditional handicrafts are traditional decorative fabrics and traditional jewelry that you can enjoy the beauty of each one of them

khatam Kari

Here are some other example of magnificent Iranian handicrafts:


Copper Plate


Hasir Bafi