Grand Bazaar, Tehran

Grand Bazaar of Tehran is known as the heart of the economy in Iran; Tehran bazaar is a crowded shopping center; which dates back to many years ago; According to the reports; the original building of this market dates back to Shah Tahmasp I; This market has undergone many changes during the Qajar period as Tehran becomes the capital of Iran.

The Grand Bazaar has been decorated with winding corridors; traditional veneers; and arcs; Considering the market has undergone various changes in the process of construction; the architecture of the building is not related to a certain period of time; and a variety of architectural arts can be seen in the historical parts of the building.

About Bazaar

When you visit the old parts of the Tehran Grand Bazaar; you will probably think that the building; bricks; cellars; materials on the walls and ceiling of the market; has remained steady for many years and thousands of people have crossed them every day; Tehran Grand Bazaar as a historical monument differs from; other monuments and structures; The palace-museums and other samples despite their relatively long life; span have seen a few people and only a handful of residents; But the Grand Bazaar was always beside the people; Many of the shop keepers from Safavid dynasty until now have been active in this market; In the social movements; such as the Persian Constitutional Revolution; Grand Bazaar of Tehran was alongside people; These brick walls; which some of them are worn today; have seen the pleasures and sorrows of the people; This permanent traffic in the market has made this monument a great attraction.

grand bazaar

Different segments of this Bazaar are as follows:

Masjed Jame: The building has been there for more than two centuries; and has been registered in the year 1984.

grand bazaar

Chahar suq-e-Bozorg: this is; in fact; the intersection of two main orders; This section is located near Masjed Jame; The plasterworks of Chaharsuq-e-Bozorg are very attractive and unique.

Chahar suq-e-Bozorg

Hajeb Ol-Dowleh Market: This segment is one of the most beautiful parts of the market; A variety of colors in this division will entice any visitor.

hajeb-ol dowleh

Changes about Grand Bazaar

Some of the segments of this market like Bazaar-e Amir; Portal of Chaharsuq-e-Bozorg and some parts of Masjed Jame still retain their old form; Meanwhile; Charsoogh-e Bozorg with its octagonal architecture is one of the oldest segments of this market; The interior of this octagon is designed with plasterwork and has a circular dome.